About Us

The BurnOut Story

BurnOut advanced suncare products are developed by Environmental Scientist / Surfer Kevin Dunn, who, after 14 years of surfing and countless tubes of sunscreen, learned that truly functional sunscreens did not exist. Dunn, who has a family history of skin cancer, was disappointed with commercial sunblocks that left him burned and were less than effective in the ocean.

Upon graduating from the University of California at Santa Cruz with a degree in Environmental Science, Dunn moved to Hawaii where he began the research and development of BurnOut advanced sunblock during myriad athletic activities.

This took him to the ultimate testing grounds of Indonesia where he spent months rigorously Ocean Testing and perfecting the formula. Following much trial and error, BurnOut was born.

Ocean Testing the BurnOut formula at Uluwatu

All BurnOut products are put through rigorous Ocean Testing and quality control measures to ensure the highest quality suncare products available.

Company Information

BurnOut Suncare products are made by Sun Research LLC of Santa Cruz, California, a company dedicated to engineering sun safety and skin care products that truly work under all conditions.

Our mission is to be a leading-edge innovator in the suncare product industry and create the most effective, eco-friendly suncare products available at an affordable price. We believe strongly in promoting the educational aspects of suncare.

Sun Research is one of the world's leading suncare companies and is an emerging leader in the suncare industry.